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Artist, Pyrographer & Event Management

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Artist - Black & White Drawings

I have been a big fan of black and white art for the 30 years i have been drawing, from people to aniamls, my favourite is animals. The contrast and detail you can go into in black and white art is excellent and really stands out from the page. Animals are a recurring theme in my artwork from wild animals, to everyday animals to pets.


Over the past 5 years though I have started to get more and more into the art of mixed media, in which you create a piece of work using a number of different styles of art. For example, on a piece of canvas I might paint a beach scene but then incoporate a black and white drawing and a piece of relavent written text from a book. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it can often help you expand more on a piece of artwork.


Please feel free to have a look through my little gallery to the right. I am hoping to write a bit more about what I do and the ideas behind them soon, so please keep us bookmarked.